Teach more explicitly, systematically, and responsively using our Phonics & Fluency Curriculum

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Made for Classroom & Virtual Instruction

We’re in challenging times. Our curriculum is made to help teach reading at a high level, virtually and in the classroom, so that all children receive the same high level phonics instruction no matter their location. 

Intentional, Clear, & Comprehensive

We’ve expertly designed our phonics sequence, beginning with letters and sounds in kindergarten progressing to fluent reading in 2nd grade. What makes us different is that we share our thinking and rationale every step of the way, so that teachers can adapt our curriculum to respond to their unique students’ needs.

Makes Reading Easy & Fun

We believe that kids learn best when they feel confident and are having fun. We’ve designed our curriculum to make reading automatic and effortless and designed activities to make the process tons of fun.

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